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Sophia, the queen.


She is the living example that a woman can run an entire country without a man by her side. Now, an old prophecy is fulfilled and she finally meets her son Johnny Bleas, who arrives to save the heart of Asterium. In this interview, Queen Sofia talks a little about her life and about her kingdom.


Blog - How does it feel to have two children who look alike physically, but so different in character and feelings?

Queen Sofia - Well, despite being twins Johnny and Kourem are quite different. Even in appearance, since Johnny has lived all his life in Neifs, 

where time passes slower and Kourem has been here all his life. That is, while Johnny still has the physical appearance of a young man, Kourem is already a man. However, what saddens me the most is not having been able to change Kourem's destiny. I did everything I could to protect Johnny, but I couldn't do anything about Kourem. I was a fool not to have believed the prophecy and not protected my son. Kourem became what it is today as it was created to be a monster. What I will always ask myself is if things would have been different if Kourem was still by my side.


Blog - Another thing that many ask: What is it like for a woman to rule alone a great kingdom like Asterium?

Queen Sofia - Oh my dear, we women are the dominant race. Despite our delicacy and subtlety, we were born prepared to face difficulties. Nothing can stop us! I don't want you to think I'm that kind of feminist woman, on the contrary, I loved being pampered by my husband, and I love "woman" things as society always says. But I had to find a way to impose myself and show Asterium that even with the king's death I was ready to lead, until one of my sons was ready. And here we are, Johnny will soon turn 18 and be able to rule this land. And I will finally have a little more time to devote to my books, my poetry, my music and even accompanying Ms. Molget in the palace kitchen every now and then to make one of those delicious pastries she knows how to make.


Blog - Asterium, like other countries or dimensions, has it faced any major crisis, whether political or economic?

Queen Sofia - Yes, this is normal. We've all been through it. But as for the economic part, I'm always calm, because my currency advisors are quite competent. The one who always thinks we are in a financial crisis is the banker, Mr. GilroySailman, who has always been very negative about our finances, saying that we spend too much. But for over a hundred years we have not faced an economic crisis. The AECMA, Asterium Magical Economy and Commerce Alliance. Which brings together the most powerful cities of Asterium is very strong economically. On the political side, there is always opposition, but since the AECMA was created there has never been misery, poverty and wars in Asterium. The last was the battle of Sordek and Menay, but even in that battle evil could not triumph. And never will!


Blog - Now with the return of your son Johnny Bleas, what changes in Asterium, and of course, in your life?

Queen Sofia - The return of Johnny Bleas will be a great victory for our world. Having Johnny back is not just the possibility of facing the enemy, as the prophecy says, but it is the certainty that the people will have a new leader. A new king! May the days of King Johnny Bleas I of the Ninth Age come with abundance and peace. Blog - Since you took over the reign of Asterium, what were the achievements of your management, especially after you became a widow. Queen Sofia - After the death of my husband, King Darius Bleas II, in the battle of Sordek and Menay, we significantly increased our troops. We expand the AECMA, Asterium Magical Economy and Commerce Alliance. Putting two more cities in the alliance, thus expanding our trade zones. In addition to other improvements in the areas of magical technologies and we changed two of our advisors. One of them is the battle advisor and the new leader of magical technologies, Mr. Minur Kiwel, alchemist and ruler of Primaki Sul. Also, our borders have never been stronger, and our economy stronger. All the work has been done with great effort by the counselors. What made us even more proud was having enough resources that we even lowered some taxes. It was a very small decrease, but still significant for some who are less fortunate.


Blog - How is the Asterium government system. There are ministers for each sector or a parliament,  and how is their support for your government?

Queen Sofia - We have a very well-established monarchy. For years the monarchy has been the same in Asterium. Above all rule the king and queen. Below us are the counselors who run our 8 different ministries.


2.Currency and riches.

3. Education and Magical Professions.


5.Battles and Defense.

6.Science, Magic and Technology.


8.Planning and development.

Each of our counselors is solely responsible for the position and what is done in their ministry. A goal that we always set is that with each passing year the ministry must bring improvements, if a year passes and the responsible counselor is not able to bring an improvement, he is removed from the position and we look for another to replace him. We really like it this way, and the councilors themselves are in favor of it, after all, what we all want is a government that is ALWAYS better and evolving, if it doesn't have the necessary competence for this role, we need to find someone who does. In our government, nothing else matters. Only the best for the population. As soon as we established our government, as soon as we followed through with the improvements to Asterium.


Blog- Your final message to the readers and people of Asterium.

Queen Sofia - We live in times of peace, we live in times of abundance. However, today, we are facing great adversity. We need to unite even more, there is an evil on the way. War will be imminent. Forhcore will not fight this battle alone, for this is a war of all peoples who want peace and harmony back. We will join forces with all allies and protect the heart of Asterium. Forhcore will not succumb. Not today, not ever.

Mr. Arthys Martell, the noblest of the royal “reporters”. Who reports to the kingdom the most important news and information from Forhcore and communicates the great events to the people. It brings to the Blog “The Magical World of Asterium”, exclusive interviews with figures of great importance, from this dimension of adventures and dreams.


Âncora 1 - Rainha Sofia

Thabillus, the leprechaun.  


He plays a key role in Johnny Bleas' life, after all he showed our hero the way through the world of Asterium. More than a goblin, Thabillus is an important figure in this magical world and he kindly granted an interview to our blog to talk about his life and the world of Asterium.


Blog – How is the life of a leprechaun?

Thabillus - In Asterium, we goblins don't have defined places to live, unlike the elves who mostly live on the Lunarium islands. We are scattered all over the place, we are lovers of forests and nature. But there are still some villages south of Tundra and north of Keyfall. But the truth is that we prefer to live in small groups, as we have a somewhat volatile temperament at times, especially on full moon nights. Don't ask me why, I never knew, I think it must have something to do with energies. We have a simple life, many, like me, dedicate themselves to the study of magic for many years. Others prefer the lives in the woods. Although we lead simple lives, one thing I can admit about us elves. We are quite ambitious, and we place a high value on gold. Many reach the most extreme levels of greed. Their ambition is so great that they often prefer to live a miserable life, without food, wearing rags, than having to part with their precious gold coins. But most of us are reasonably balanced.


Blog – Why were you chosen to take Johnny Bleas back to Asterium and did you accept the mission promptly or did you have any misgivings?

Thabillus - I can say that I received a very good proposal to bring the boy back to Asterium. Queen Sophia sent me for the boy, but I was the one who induced her to do so. Sophia has always trusted me a lot. A feather. But you know what, I wasn't always mean. There was a time, before Zarbuk and Morkay called me to be part of their Machiavellian plan, when I was just the adviser to the realm. And a good elf. Sometimes I spend the night thinking before bed and I end up sad, I know I made some wrong choices, but I still haven't completely regretted it.


Blog – How did it feel to find Johnny Bleas as an adult?

Thabillus - Wow I was surprised!!! When I found him in Neifs he was almost a man. He even had a beard. The last time I'd seen him was over fifteen years ago. He was just a baby. I admit I was a little apprehensive. When I saw him I thought she'd better give up the plan and go back to Asterium saying she hadn't found him, or come up with some other excuse. The queen would listen to me. But I thought it best not to risk it, not everyone can face Zarbuk. And at that time when I went after young Johnny Bleas, his brother Kourem was already quite grown up and had already become the fallen paladin. I wouldn't dare face them all together.


Blog - Has his life changed a lot since he returned to Asterium?

Thabillus - A lot! Since that kid entered Asterium, I've been experiencing a series of problems. Not only did I need to hide to make my reports to the necromancer, but Johnny Bleas was incorruptible, there was no malice in him. He only thought of helping others. And the worst thing is that he always found a way to get it! What a bummer!!!


Blog– A great curiosity that we all have. What is the best city of this size to live in?

Thabillus - Forhcore! For sure. Think about it, if you had to choose between the biggest city, where you can buy whoever you want, where money has power, and a small town in the middle of the forest where you would like to live?! Of course, Forhcore is the ideal city for someone like me. Maybe I would consider moving in with my brother in the Tundra. But the truth is that I prefer the big cities! Forhcore has everything I could ever want.


Blog - You have many years of life, like every elf, in that time what were the events of Asterium that most impacted you?

Thabillus - There have always been wars. The battle between Johnny Bleas and Kourem Bleas is not the first and will not be the last. As long as there is life there will be changes and differences of opinion. But I can say that the event that most impacted my life was the war at the beginning of the ninth era. Which ended in the legendary battle of Sordek and Menay. After that last day King Darius and the army of Forhcore defeated the great necromancer Morkay and annihilated his armies. But on this day Morkay cast a spell and instead of dying he was exiled to Neifs. I remember like it was today, I was in battle, Morkay looked at me with a cruel look, but he knew I was just the goblin to help his grand plan.


Blog – Do you have a family or do you live alone? Tell us a little about your family, parents, siblings, wife and children, if any.

Thabillus - Of course I have family. Who do not have?! But I don't live with them. Not with anyone. I live alone and I will go to the end alone. My family never paid me much attention. To tell the truth my brother is a good companion. For him I would do anything, but he also left me aside a few times. I don't want to talk about this anymore.


Blog - To close, what message do you leave for everyone who seeks to fulfill their dreams and what is the best time of the year to visit Asterium.

Thabillus - Do not pursue your dreams, this is foolish! You're all going to fall apart at some point. Seek only victory and power at any cost. I had to become a cruel goblin to survive, but at least I'm one of the only teleportation masters out there. I have the power of omnipresence! What difference does it make which time of year you visit Asterium? If you want a warm place go to a warm place, if you want a cold place go to the ice mountains north of Hindaris. And when you're in Asterium stay away from me, I don't like having visitors.

Âncora 2 - Thabillus o duende.

Katryna Mithral, the century-old sorceress.


She knows all about Asterium objects and magic items. She is over a hundred years old, but her appearance is youthful and magic is her forte. Impossible to get to know Asterium without first talking to Miss Katryna Mithral, today's interviewee on our blog.


Blog - You are one of several centenarians from Asterium. Is living this long good or bad when it comes to our world?

Katryna Mithral - Oh my dear, I really don't know where you got that information about my age. But look at my skin, I'm young. Look at my hair, it's beautiful. I have vigor and beauty. But if I had really lived this many years I would certainly say that I love life. I love magic and most of all I love what it can do to my youth. Haha! Living in a world of magic is a pleasure that few have. But even fewer people know how to enjoy life here.


Blog - For those who want to get started in magic, what is your basic advice?

Katryna Mithral - Magic is for the few. I don't think anyone can learn. In fact, if you are not born with the gift, you will be an eternal skeptic who will never learn the true art of arcane magic. My advice is give up. Don't even try to waste your time. Go right back to where you came from, because magic chooses you, not you. However for those who are born with the gift of magic I advise to start by working the mind. Magic is not learned from books, it comes from within. Books only serve to improve knowledge. Of course, as a sorceress I hate wizards, for me they are fools and have no real power, the kromus even have my respect, as they go to the essence of magic. However, for anyone who really wants to feel the great power of magic, they must seek within their mind and within their soul, once the two are on the same frequency, magic begins to happen.


Blog - In your opinion, does the return of Johnny Bleas to Asterium change the kingdom's routine a lot?

Katryna Mithral - For me Johnny Bleas is still a boy, he will need to learn a lot to be a good king. If he ever gets there. I understand he went to face his twin brother, the paladin lord of the southern lands, didn't he? If he returns alive from this adventure, he'll have my respect, but the truth is, I very much doubt he'll make it back to Forhcore alive.


Blog - But let's get to the point. You specialize in Asterium objects and magic items. Tell us about your work and how it all started.

Katryna Mithral - I'm not just an expert in magic items and objects, I'm the best in this subject. No one in all of Asterium knows more about magic items than I do. And do you know why? I cannot reveal this secret. But it all started when I was just a kid, my passion for magic became big and more and more I wanted to know about objects of power. Over time I gained a lot of gold trading some pieces. I admit that I have sold counterfeit parts to some enemies, but what can I do? The world is like that. After accumulating some riches I started to collect magical objects. And today I have the biggest collection of magic items in Asterium. In addition to a library very full of rare books. But when it comes to books, I'm still behind old Mr. Vrakus.


Blog - What are the magical objects that can be seen and even touched by tourists after the opening of the gateway to our dimension in March?

Katryna Mithral - What do you think is my house? An amusement park? Or a museum? Don't be so bold. But since you asked, I might even consider making an exception for some magic items. But don't even think about looking into my Andrag scale mirror. It will remain under lock and key. For your tourists I will show you the Sword of the Fallen Paladin, used by Lord Kourem Bleas, the paladin of the southern lands. The coin of Anikan and the wonderful crown of Queen Sophia Bleas will also be on display. Ah.. How I envy that woman. What a beautiful crown! It's a real artifact. I can also get that horrible little conical hat from Mr. Thabillus. Although ugly that hat has a lot of power. And for anyone interested I have a full report on the heart of Asterium. It's a shame it was split into fragments, because if it was whole I would definitely go after it.

Âncora 3 - Katryna Mithral a feiticeira

Johnny Bleas, Kromus' apprentice.








Âncora 4 - Johnny Bleas o jovem kromus
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