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Believe if you want. Who tells us in detail about the characters of Johnny Bleas is a Neifiano. THE  scholar priest, Bartollo Martins. After years of studies, the priest, an inhabitant of Neifs,  finally managed to prove his thesis about beings from another dimension, after finding books hidden in an ancient church north of Rome. In the books, Mr. Martins found precious information about the life of Asterium and the characters related to the legends and stories told in this and other distant lands. After collecting hundreds of data and information, the priest organized all the information he could about the characters into tables, which to this day are hidden books in the basement of the church of San Pablo, Spain.

Johnny Bleas.


Age: 17 Nephian years.


Race: Human.


Gender: Male.


Weight: 72KG.


Height: 1.80m.


Skin Color: White, Caucasian.


Hair Color: Light brown.


Studies: Final year of high school.


Profession: Not graduated yet, but upon entering Asterium, he will become a kromus apprentice.


Feats: Courageous, good strategist, creative, observant, reflective.


Personality: Cheerful, curious, imaginative, creative, clever, astute, kind, helpful, solicitous, polite, nature lover, irresponsible, instinctive, persistent, impulsive, hard-headed, emotional.


Physical Characteristics: Slim, semi-athletic physique, can handle a run from one end of the farm to the other. It can easily carry a short sword, but would not be able to handle a fight with an ax or two-handed longsword.


Hobby: Loves to read, climb trees, play ball, cook and study medicinal plants with his aunt, likes to carve in wood, work with plants and especially listen to the fairy tale stories that his uncle told at night while they sat in front of him. from the fireplace.


Background: A dreamy boy, since childhood he was always very cheerful. He loves to play and studies little. He fought at school once, when he was 14. Has few friends. It was never very popular. He's never had girlfriends, but he's liked a girl at school. He's not very good with girls.


Quirk: According to a Gypsy Johnny, he has lived in past lives. Has extraordinary powers from past lives. He has a scar on his leg when he fell out of a tree when he was little, birthmark just like his brother.


Beliefs: Believes in God, occasionally attends Catholic church with his uncles, but does not have strong opinions about his beliefs, about God and about life. As he always says, “I prefer to leave these ideas for later, for now the best thing is to live my day, always smiling. ”


Friends/Allies: He has two great friends on Earth, he is also friends with the caretaker's children


Items he possesses: Grimorio, who will become Grimus, his teacher and friend. It also has concentration rings and Anikan's coin.

Kourem Bleas.


Age: 27 years Asterians.


Race: Human.


Gender: Male.


Weight: 89KG.


Height: 1.82m.


Skin Color: White, Caucasian.


Hair Color: Light brown.


Studies: Study strategy, fighting, history, geography and calculations. He was instructed by Zarbuk.


Profession: From an early age he was encouraged to be a warrior, by acquiring the fallen paladin sword, he became a fallen paladin and high lord. Feared by servants, called by some a reaper.


Talents: Good strategist, insightful, escapes, sneaky, skilled with swords, great in fighting and combat, inherited the skills of his father, who was also an excellent fighter.


Personality: Vengeful, cruel, curious, imaginative, creative, cunning, greedy, cunning, instinctive, persistent, daring, ambitious, defensive.


Physical Characteristics: Strong, athletic physique, can withstand days of combat, and has rigid musculature. He has high strength, is a trained man, has a sparse beard and despite some scars he is a handsome man.


Hobby: Enjoys training his combat and fighting skills. He spends time with strategy games and always seeks to learn more from the more experienced. Kill and fight for pleasure.


Background: From childhood Kourem was destined to be a cruel child. Throughout his creation, in the hands of the necromancer, the young man learns to hate, fight and be rude. If fate was set, his ambitions became obsession, and when he acquired the fallen paladin's sword, he became high lord.


Peculiarity: Kourem, despite being extremely evil and Machiavellian, has a great emptiness in his chest due to a feeling he never had of motherhood and fatherhood. Just like brother Kourem never knew his parents. Sometimes you wonder what it would be like if your fate were different.


Beliefs: Does not believe in any deity. He only believes in power and victory. Despite this, Kourem is extremely confident in himself and in destiny.


Friends/Allies: I always assumed your greatest allies were Zarbuk, Morkay, Mithaus, Livik and Thabillus, but you could be wrong. Items Possessed: Owns the legendary sword of the fallen paladin. Using the power of the sword to siphon life energy from his targets, he is called a reaper by some.

Queen Sophia Bleas.


Age: 49 Asterian years.


Race: Human.




Weight: 67KG.


Height: 1.82m.


Skin Color: White, Caucasian.


Hair Color: Very dark brown, almost black.


Studies: Studied for many years about art, singing and castle governance. After the death of King Darius, she was instructed by his advisors, becoming an excellent queen.


Profession: Monarch, queen of the throne of Asterium.


Talents: Good manager, excellent queen. Almost a good cook. He loves to sing and play musical instruments.


Personality: Loving, fraternal, cheerful and very helpful. Strong personality, sometimes quite inflexible. Physical characteristics: has a slender body, large breasts and little hips. She is a beautiful woman, her clear eyes reflect her joy and her loving heart. Green eyes very clear and strong.


Hobby: In his spare time he enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. Although she hasn't done that in a few years, since the death of her beloved husband.


Background: Sophia was always a friendly child, her parents were rulers of other lands. But they trained Sophia for many years to have a good marriage. Despite being born into an extremely traditionalist family, Sophia never let dogma tell her what to do.


Peculiarity: When it was born, the moon was at an angle, which had not been seen for many years. Her father said that the midwife who brought her into the world told her that one day she would be born to rule.


Beliefs: He strongly believes in the magic of Asterium. Sophia was raised believing that among the many gods there was only one the great God who was the true protector of this world, to whom Sophia prays in times of despair.


Friends/Allies: Until the day of the betrayal Sophia faithfully believed in her advisor Thabillus. Even though Mr. Yougen is just the family butler, Sophia takes his opinions very seriously.


Possessed Items: Diadem with one of Asterium's heart fragments.

King Darius Bleas.


Age: Lived to 28 Asterians.  

If he were still alive he would be 55 years old.


Race: Human.




Weight: 82KG.


Height: 1.74m.


Skin Color: Dark, hazelnut color.


Hair Color: Dark.


Studies: Darius was born into the royal family, educated to be a strategist, economist, warrior and knowledgeable of the laws of Asterium.


Profession: He was encouraged to be a paladin, but the strong tenets of paladins did not satisfy him. He then became a knight, defender of the kingdom.


Talents: Excellent strategist, skilled with swords, great in fighting and combat. He was known for taking too much risk in combat, with the attack being his greatest ally in combat.


Personality: Courageous, curious, imaginative, creative, smart, daring, strong personality, reader, very vain.


Physical characteristics: Athletic physique, always had a rigid musculature. I liked the beard always clean and flawless.


Hobby: Loved chess games, and reading, spent hours in the castle library. In his spare time, he also liked to smile at court maidens, even though he was married, despite his vanity, he never wanted any other woman than his beloved wife Sophia.


Background: Darius was the second son of the Bleas, before him there was Darwin, his older brother, who was supposed to be the future king of Asterium, but Darwin died at a young age, while hunting in the forest of Menay. Darius then assumed the post of future King, marrying Queen Sophia, with whom he fell madly in love.


Quirk: Darius was a vain man, liked to be seen and had a strong reputation for being a womanizer in his youth. After taking the throne, he drastically changed his behavior, becoming a man of conviction and ascending wisdom.


Beliefs: He hardly mentioned anything about his beliefs. After his brother's death he became somewhat skeptical about divine matters.


Friends/Allies: Darius maintained a strong alliance with the kingdoms of Sordek, Keyfall and Darkan. He had many friends and trusted his rulers.


Items Possessed: He had a beautiful longsword, with a golden pommel with an emerald studded. He wore heavy metal armor, but he hated using it except in big battles.

Liza Green.


Age: 21 Asterians.


Race: Human.




Weight: 54KG.


Height: 1.67m.


Skin Color: Natural beige.


Hair Color: Dark brown.


Studies: Studied with the leaders of her tribe to become a great druidess.


Profession: From an early age he was encouraged to be a druid, a profession common among the women of the tribes of Tamarus, however Liza became the best among the young druids.


Feats: Liza is capable of crafting mass healing, not just healing a minor wound, but healing on a massive scale. In addition to being a great ally of nature and animals.


Personality: affectionate, stubborn, friendly, sympathetic, hot-tempered, persevering, sagacious, astute.


Physical Characteristics: Athletic physique for a woman, exercises frequently. Full breasts, slender hips, Honey-colored eyes, which are even clearer in the sun.


Hobby: He likes to sing, spends time dedicating himself to his studies and loves being in contact with nature.


Background: She was always a mischievous girl, she had difficulty concentrating on her studies as a child, as she loved being in touch with nature. Despite living in peace in her tribe, Liza never felt complete, but after joining a new adventure everything changed. He learned to fight from his uncle Lian Zrak Green.


Peculiarity: He prefers the outdoors than the cities, he cannot navigate for a long time because he feels sick. He likes martial arts and hates losing a fight. Beliefs: Believes in the force of nature, whenever he feels alone, he calls out to mother nature. Who always takes care of your requests. Its main deity is the earth.


Friends/Allies: He has some friends in Tamarus, but he has never created strong bonds of friendship.


Items Owned: Liza never carries anything with her, neither weapons nor travel items. He only wears the clothes on his body and has no great material ambitions.

Martha Case.


Age: 54 Neifian years.


Race: Human.




Weight: 69KG.


Height: 1.65m.


Skin Color: White, Caucasian.


Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black. Studies: Studied in the priestesses and herbologists school of Forhcore.


Profession: For years she was a priestess of the Keyfall temple, helping those in need of faith.


Talents: Knows all about plants and is great with people. Always prepares delicious things in the kitchen.


Personality: Kind, smart, good in the kitchen, vain, a woman with a strong personality. Just like her sister Sophia.


Physical Characteristics: He was always scrawny, but he became a little bulkier after he met Mr. Case and moved to Neifs. He has clear eyes.


Hobby: He loves to spend the day in his greenhouse on the farm. He always discovers new things and loves to take care of his orchids.


Background: Despite having received a good education and having a good life at Asterium Marta always felt something was missing. When she discovered the world of Neifs, she was amazed. Even more so when she met Mr. Colin Case.


Peculiarity: Some time ago he discovered a formula capable of regenerating the skin. Earlier this year she had the feeling she was being watched, by a tiny creature, she thought was the gardener's son Patrick.


Beliefs: Believes in God, occasionally attends Catholic church with her husband and with Johnny Bleas. Talk to the gods you believe in every day before you go to sleep.


Friends/Allies: Sister of Sophia Bleas. Despite not being very friendly with Miss Klaus, she is the person I talk to the most, after her husband, of course!


Items you own: Nothing relevant.

Mr. Colin Case.


Age: 62 Neifian years.


Race: Human.




Weight: 73KG.


Height: 1.72m.


Skin Color: Dark, like hazelnut.


Hair Color: Black.


Studies: He studied at one of the best universities in his city, in the course of geography and geology. He is a lover of geophysics and, besides being a scholar, he did very well in his career.


Profession: Geologist and geographer, he spends hours in his office working and studying more on the subject of his interest.


Talents: A great teacher, despite having taught only a few times, he decided not to pursue a career. He has good skills in fixing appliances and enjoys carpentry. Personality: A peaceful and quiet man, he gets along well with people and is quite political as well. Curious. Likes to be alone, but loves having a full house, but no fuss, please.


Physical characteristics: He has a good physique, is not thin or fat. He is healthy and regularly goes to the doctor. He doesn't have very strong lungs, as he has smoked a pipe for more than ten years.


Hobby: Very fond of reading and fixing things. Whenever he can, he goes to his workshop to fix something. He is a curious man and for many years spent hours of his day studying the geographic features of Asterium.


Background: At one point in his life, shortly after receiving his doctoral degree, Colin discovered a dimensional fusion. Where he was taken to Asterium. There Collin had some good adventures, and he met Marta. However, they only met again when Martha came to Neifs.


Quirk: The kind of man who smelled like tobacco, loved reading and spent many hours of his dua reading in front of the fireplace, smoking his pipe.


Beliefs: Mr. Case is an atheist. But despite that he is a very flexible man. And he attends the Catholic church with his wife when she asks him to accompany her. Despite not being in religion, Mr. Case is a very wise and balanced man.


Friends/Allies: He has great friendship with the farm's gardener, who has worked for the family for many years. As well as some other friends he made at the seniors card club in town. Items he has: Wooden pipe with the image of a pirate ship on the side. He always carries a simple pocketknife, so that if there is a need to fix something he will be ready!

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