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According to the famous expert on magical creatures and monsters, Mr. Filthlyn Greyhar. Inhabitant of the city of Forhcore, the data and information contained in this description are for scientific and research purposes only. They must be qualified as confidential. If this information falls into the wrong hands, we could be in serious trouble. Mr. Greyhar has been experimenting and studying creatures for decades, so don't go anywhere near his laboratory. He's a very busy man. But if you need anything, don't hesitate to stop by their swanky store in Forhcore's old town. He won't serve you, but surely one of his employees will! 



Tamar Fairies. The graceful Tamarian fairies, or fairies of Tamarus, are kind and gentle creatures, some can be a little aggressive, but only when they feel threatened. They like to fly freely throughout the Tamarus archipelago, where they live. They communicate quite expressively, but in a language that is barely audible to men's ears. Its body is humanoid in shape and covered in a shimmering purple glow. Except for the queen, who has a golden glow all over her body. Its wings are as fragile as a butterfly's, but as fast as a hummingbird's.


Gramutes. Gramutes are unique creatures, their massive size makes them a slow creature. However like large white elephants they can be very ferocious. It stands out a lot from other creatures because of its size and the six curved ivory tusks between its mouth and eyes. They live in packs, inhabiting part of the plains between Farkon and Northern Primaki.


Elves. In Asterium elves first appeared thousands of years ago on the Lunarium Islands and also north of the central continent. Some say they are descendants of the Norse gods. Also known by the humans of Neifs, who despite not believing and not knowing the veracity of beings of light are mentioned in mystical stories. Elves are creatures of humanoid features, they are usually beings with perfect and beautiful bodies, with silky hair and penetrating eyes. Elves are not only known for their long life and immortality, but also for their wisdom and poise.


Gray elves. Also known as moon elves, or gray elves, they are beings that were born due to the miscegenation of white elves and dark elves, they have gray skin and although they are not immortal, like common elves they can live hundreds of years. They specifically inhabit the Lunarium Islands. Few venture into other lands. Rumor runs through the cities that a gray elf was able to break Asterium's heart with an impeccable forge. It is not known exactly where this legendary elf dwells, but his name is known, Tharnun.


Orcs Creatures of evil descent, hated by elves. They are naturally fighters, one cannot compare them to warriors, as their combat skills are precarious. They multiply very easily, usually found in the south, where evil multiplies. Some say that the orcs are born from the very mud of the earth, in the plains of Andora, where the volcano still sleeps.


Kilaw's creature. Also known as Ihl Kratus, it is a hideous creature, in the northern language Ihl Kratus means anathema creature, or cursed worm. Despite its colossal size it is not very intelligent, but its ferocity is unmatched. The last Ihl Kratus seen inhabited the northern highlands in Kilaw. It is said that an ancient witch of the north was able to tame it. But for some scholars this is nothing more than a myth. Since you couldn't find someone with power capable of taming his ferocity.


Leprechauns. Elves are magical creatures, which can be found in many places in Asterium, they prefer to inhabit forests, but some live well in cities. They value their family very much, they are very ambitious, some can border on extreme greed. They are blessed with many magical powers, but not everyone develops their powers. They can reach up to 300 years of age, but some say they can live even longer. They are smaller than dwarves, and generally quite skinny.


Dwarves. Dwarves are a very courageous race, very determined beings. Like elves, they are quite ambitious, but prefer to inhabit caves and the depths of large mines. They are known for their formidable forge, and for being able to craft strong armor and weapons on a large scale. They know how to work well in a team, but only among dwarves, when they are with other races they love to create trouble. They reach up to 1.4 meters.


Linarius. Linarius are like huge lizards in colossal sizes. They can be bigger than a horse. Found only in the tundra deserts. Some were taken to Forhcore, and are used for military purposes by the royal army. Linarius are very agile and fast creatures. It has dark, scaly skin with shades of blue and green. However, we can also find the Linarius Lords, who differ from their Linarius brothers because they have one more characteristic. They are capable of releasing a lethal poison with their mouth, they are easily identified, as they carry yellowish spots on their skin.

Appreciators. The famous Aprasseiros are quite intelligent magical creatures, created in the second age of Asterium. They were created by an ancient mage from the southern islands who didn't dominate his thoughts at night. Its main function is to control and organize the thoughts of its users during the night. Aprasseiros can be classified as close relatives of pillows, but don't compare them to their inanimate cousins, or it can give you a big headache.

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