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You may have heard of Anikan's mages, the Kromus. It may be that you have already heard of Mr. Stray Linpad. A non-traditional kromus who chose to study the legendary magics of transmutation only to be able to transform himself into the most distinctive creatures of Asterium, so that he would be able to understand their habitat and the geography of this magical land. A dimension composed of two natural satellites, which allow different climatic flows.  Mr. Linpad tells an ancient story, which he heard from a group of elves, that Asterium was created  by the lesser gods,  to prove to the supreme god that men and magical creatures could coexist in harmony in a single dimension.

Some elves believe that Asterium was a gift given to Kaleesh, goddess of love and fertility. By its complementary opposite, the god Omith, lord of magic and wisdom. There are several stories that tell about the Asterium principle. But the truth is that no one is sure of the true facts. Even so, along his journey Mr. Stray Linpad discovered a number of characteristics about Asterium, which were described in his personal grimoire:

Asterium - Orbital Features.


Orbital Speed:

Asterium: 174 046 km/h - 48.34  km/s

Neifs: 107 200 km/h - 29.78  km/s


Because Asterium has orbital characteristics very similar to Neifs its speed is not brutally altered, however the time in Asterium has a speed of 1.62357 times that of Neifs. Which we can easily see when we meet the twin brothers Johnny and Kourem Bleas, who despite being born on the same day have different ages, as they lived in different dimensions. If we relate the lives of these two characters we can say that Kourem is almost eleven years older than Johnny Bleas.

Natural Satellites: 2 Moons. Lunaris Moon, Delmos Moon. Even with two moons orbiting around Asterium, vision with the naked eye can be difficult for humans, dwarves, goblins and orcs. However, it is said that the elves are able to easily see the natural satellites that orbit around this dimension. From time to time it is possible to see the moon Lunaris and the moon of Delmos together in the sky. However, this phenomenon only happens once or twice every three months.


Tilt: 7.155º of tilt. From the central meridian of Forhcore.


Longitude of the ascending node: 556.852 degrees.


Equatorial Diameter: 13,551.96 km².


Surface area: 541,900,800 km².


Severity: 9.78


Temperature: Minimum: -86ºc Maximum: 62ºc Average: 18ºc.

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