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As the capital of Asterium, Forhcore receives fixed taxes from all cities protected by the alliance. In exchange for the tributes paid to the monarchy, the subaltern cities receive protection and can exercise free trade between the allied cities. In addition to voting rights on the royal council.  Much of the economy also revolves around agriculture, war production and technology hubs.


The agricultural part stands out mainly in the central regions taking up much of the territory of Prakij.  We can also find some plantations northwest of Forhcore and Menay, and a small part southwest of Keyfall.

Even being a dimension where magic is present, economically Asterium has a great potential for labor and intellectual production. War production and technological production are at key points in global geography. Led mainly by members of the Asterium alliance, with a strong presence in the war part are Forhcore, Sordek and Darkan. Which generates great fortunes for the vaults of the central bank of Forhcore.

In the technological poles, the city of Primaki south stands out well ahead of the others, with a great incentive in education by its current ruler and alchemist, Mr. Minur Kiwel. In the last five years there has also been a high growth and technological investment in Forhcore and Keyfall.


The third part of the Asterian economy is also the free trade of crafts and magic items. Currently Forhcore is the place where most magical objects are found, however according to Ms. Katryna Mithral, there is a much wider range of magic items all over the world, mainly those belonging to the elves in the Lunarium Islands and south of Fardok, which are kept under the seven keys.




The economy in Asterium revolves around 3 main currencies. Gold coins, known as Stelins, are worth more. The intermediate coins, called Pekis and finally the bronze coins with the lowest market value, the Kiros



       Stelin – Gold Coin. 1 Stelin = 5 Pekis = 25 Kiros.



        Peki – Silver Coin. 1 Peki = 5 Kiros



          Kiro – Bronze Coins. 1 Peki.



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