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/Business Plans and information

Download the PDF file with the complete business plan and all studies related to the Albenni cafeteria, from the concept to the implementation plan.

Albenni,  click here to download.


Jim Hemerling,  Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group's People, presents  an amazing TED TALKS with 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change.   Click here and access.

Business plan  complete and all studies related to Glabix, Institute of technology and digital arts. Know some important parameters before starting your business!

Glabix,  click here to download.

computador touchscreen

Do you know what VUCA is? Certainly the current moment needs transformations. The term VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) appears in the market with an interesting concept.  Click here and access.

Know more?  learn some very good tips to put together an ideal business plan. The Harvard Business Review is always showing some new information and content that can be of great value.  Click here and access.

Studies  related to business plans and entrepreneurship. From initial business descriptions to implementation. For a complete analysis, descriptions of products, objectives to be achieved, risks, marketing plan, administrative strategies, commercial, logistical and technological plans are necessary. In addition to structured financial plans and market analysis. It is interesting to note that a business plan is constantly evolving, it is always time to improve and add more information and details. 


/Marketing analysis

Starbucks case  about purchase and consumption behavior, analyzing the company in general, it can be understood that all purchases and consumption starts with needs and desires. This study encompasses the consumption experience of the selected product during the pre-purchase moment, during the purchase moment, during the consumption experience, and finally at the post-purchase moment.


Case Starbucks click here to download.

Integrated communication management in the company Casas Bahia, a summary analysis of the company, from its starting point in 1952 with Mr. Samuel Klein to the present time. Where internal and external communication is made of the brand that is now an international retail reference, mentioned at the universities of Stanford, Michigan and Babson College.

Bahia Casas Study  click here to download.

Harvard BBVA case  about allocating the bank's marketing resources, what do you do when your marketing budget is much smaller than your competitors? This was the main subject of the harvard BBVA case study. How to do more, with much less? This study looks for the best way to allocate the company's marketing budget with a budget of 50 million dollars per year.

BBVA Case Resolution  click here to download.

Case Harvard BBVA click here to download.

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