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Who tells us about the magical places of Asterium is the famous queen of the Tamarian fairies, Zizly, who has studied and learned about the magical places of Asterium for years. Centennial knowledge comes from her ancestors and the delicate but powerful Zisly shares with us a little about these experiences.  Even after fighting a battle with the elf, Thabillus remained firm on the throne of Tamarus, and kindly provided our press office with an exclusive interview talking about the magical places of this world of fantasy and adventure.

The Forest of Menay. The millenary forest of Menay, is considered by the connoisseur in geography, Mr. Linpad one of the places with the greatest biodiversity of Asterium. In addition to a wide variety of fauna and flora, the forest is also home to thousands of species of magical beings, such as elves, druids, nymphs, earth elementals and other diverse creatures. The forest is also full of legends, such as the fascinating story of Nymph Venuth, the beauty with eyes as clear as the river and hair as golden as the sun. Who flew with her fairy wings through the curves of the forest, but who, upon discovering the magic of the reflection of the lakes of Menay, was lost in time, letting the years pass by admiring their beauty and elegance in the reflection of the crystalline waters. After his death, a word was created in his honor, beauty. The one of great beauty who gets lost in time admiring her own grace.


The Lair of the Tamarian Fairies. This is definitely the favorite place for the fairy queen, Zizly. That not only dominates the small lair, but also wields power and influence over the entire Tamarus archipelago. Contrary to what many think, the Tamarian fairies' lair is not like a bee hive, where everyone works without rest. In Zizly's realm, there is magic and especially great joy and great harmony. “We were able to bring peace and harmony back to the lair, even after the battle with the goblin Thabillus.” Says the queen of the Tamarian fairies.


The Core of the Mountain. The Sanctuary under the mountain, as it is also called, was the home of the ancient moon elves. Or as they are also known, due to their silver skin, gray elves. After the gray elves migrated to Primaki North, they swore never to return to Farkon again.  The mountain's core was empty for many years. Some time later it was used as a place to keep a relic of great preciousness, one of the fragments of the heart of Asterium. Guarded by spells and the glass shield, which gained strength and shape from being inside a place so connected with the mineral elements. A few years later, a man of simple origin used the cave at the entrance to the mountain core for home, his name was Thar. The man was known for the excellence of his weapons production, however his adopted son, Tharnun became even better known, for further evolving his father's work.


Forhcore Castle. Forhcore Castle is not a magical place, however there are small secrets hidden in this medieval setting. Starting with the palace library, one of King Darius Bleas' favorite places. Within this expended place full of possibilities and knowledge, there is also the plantatus, a mechanism created by alchemists and mages, capable of showing the perfect alignment of the planets. The castle was home to many other monarchs as well as royal advisers. Leaders who help rulers make the best decisions for the good of the population.  


The Andora Volcano. The well-known volcano of Andora, located in the southern part of Asterium, is a mountainous structure that can cause major natural disasters. According to Zizly, the queen of the Tamarian fairies, this volcano has erupted only once. In a dark time, of wars, where all Asterium shared pain, suffering and disharmony.


The Northern Pyramid. The ancient northern pyramid was built by the emperor of the north, Kyrmal Drumbar, an executioner, conqueror. A fearsome man throughout northern Asterium. Drumbar was the first man to enslave a population. His army consisted of hundreds of slaves, eunuchs, who wore feared black and red armor. His ambition and self-centeredness was such that he created the Northern Pyramid, which also became known as the Pyramid of Drumbar. Which became not only her home, but also her grave, when Walkiria, the witch of the north, arrived in Kilaw and easily defeated the greedy emperor. In the battle known as the defeat of Drumbar.

The Philay Temple. Hidden high in the mountains of the forest of Menay is the temple of the legendary kromus, Filay Krapef Volterin, kromus of the order of Anikan. It has several magical features, starting with Anikan's clock and the transmutation room. Like the clock, the temple was also designed by Filay. It took days to create the entire sanctuary structure under the mountain. The temple itself has no magic or enchantment, its spell comes from Anikan's clock, which is able to control time, so that it passes more slowly for those around it.

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