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Despite her youthful appearance, Ms. Katryna Mithral is a sorceress over 100 years old. With an extremely vain and ambitious personality, the sorceress spends her life in search of wealth and youth. His greatest pleasure is to live life with glamour, luxury and ostentation.  Over the years, he has dedicated himself to finding the rarest magical objects in Asterium, particularly those that have the greatest value and are capable of rejuvenating magic.  Recently, a diary was found in her library, where the sorceress describes in detail some of the magical items she most admires. Don't be fooled by her appearance Ms. Mithral is no flower to smell.

Johnny Bleas Rings. Johnny Bleas' silver rings are hard to find, but not that rare. They are objects created by many of the orders of the wizards and sorcerers of Asterium. Few kromus wear rings, they are usually given to apprentices who still have difficulty concentrating. The rings act as energy channels, so they sometimes get hot in the hands. At the beginning of the spells they cast they raise the energy level, so the wielder doesn't have to concentrate as much to work the enchantment.


The Johnny Bleas Pendant. Probably one of the most powerful magic items in Asterium. Created by the blacksmiths of Forhcore, the pendant Johnny Bleas has carried since childhood carries a small fragment of Asterium's heart. The fragment, however, was supposed to stay in the queen's diadem, but out of love for her son Sofia, she asked the blacksmith to put the small fragment in her son's pendant.


The Sword of Kourem Bleas. The legendary and feared sword of the fallen paladin was forged in the mountains of Farkon, and for decades it was in the possession of the paladin leader, Parthur. It is said that after the paladin's death, the sword that was buried in his tombstone disappeared. Years later the necromancer Morkay appeared with the sword in hand, however the sword now had another appearance, it had been bewitched, its blade had become black as night and the necromancer was able to give the sword the power of the reaper. The legendary sword now had the power to siphon the vital energy of targets from those who wielded it. According to legend, the sword's powers were supposed to be used with caution until the sword adapted to its new wielder. It is said that after the battle of Sordek and Menay when King Darius banished the necromancer, the sword came under the care of his faithful servant, the necromancer Zarbuk, who later gifted Kourem Bleas with the cursed sword, when he received the title of Lord Paladin of the lands. southern.


The Queen's Crown. Also forged by the blacksmith of Forhcore, the crown or diadem of the queen of Forhcore. In addition to being an object of great value due to its solid gold casting and precious stones, it has an imperfection, which is then adjusted, where the small fragment of Asterium's heart would be. Despite not being a magical object, it is a unique relic of beauty and exuberance unparalleled in the Asterium dimension.


The Coin of Anikan. Anikan's Coin is a simple but unique object. The gold-rimmed brass coin was created by kromus Filay Krapef Volterin in ancient times. It doesn't have a great power, on its edge there is a small description that says: "Hinay Funkal Shinchlum Anikan" This phrase was used by kromus Filay to focus on his times of learning magic. Used primarily for casting elemental spells, causing energy to flow more easily through the caster's body.


Mr Colin Case's Pipe. Almost no one knows, but the Cases have always had a way to travel to the Asterium, a portal created from a simple object, Mr. Case's wooden pipe. With the image of a beautiful pirate ship on the side, the pipe has powerful magic, which gives the bearer the power to create a portal between the dimensions of Neifs and Asterium. The secret of the pipe is in its smoke, many years ago when Mr. Case married Ms. Marta Case, Sofia Bleas' older sister. He was given the responsibility of protecting his wife and keeping her safe in Neifs. But at any moment he could open a portal, but he would have to light the pipe with the flame of Forhcore's lighters, and as soon as the pipe rose he would have to blow the smoke after saying the name of the boat aloud. "Key of the Worlds".


The Dagger of Zarbuk. Every necromancer carries a dagger or dagger. Zarbuk is no different, his bone pommel dagger and copper blade is always used in his spells. Necromancers most often use their daggers for spells with blood, or that require some kind of animal sacrifice, most often crows. Grimus, the grimoire. Grimus is a special magical object, as if it were a character, it has a will of its own and its purpose is to make Johnny Bleas always study more. He's a great companion, a little tiring at times, but extremely wise. Connoisseur of many spells and enchantments. Grimus was created by Johnny Bleas during his voyage to the Lunarium Islands. Before being animated Grimus was just a simple grimoire.


The Heart of Asterium. The heart of Asterium is not only Asterium's most precious relic, it is also the object of the greatest magic and power ever created. The Power Stone was created by the greatest wizards, warlocks, sorcerers and kromus in history. The relic was created under the rule of King Minestray of Hulmorg, the first of its lineage. The king of the human race was a great ally of elves, dwarves, elementals, nymphs, elves, fairies and the vast majority of magical creatures of Asterium. In its foundry the stone of power was in the power of this king and would be passed on for generations, always with the approval of the council of Forhcore, a council formed by leaders of all races and peoples. The King Regent would only be chosen by the approval of this great council. However, over the years, the ambition of men, the greed of the dwarves and the extremist traditionalism of the elves ceased to be in harmony and the heart of Asterium came to be seen as an item of exaggerated power that should not be under anyone's power. Not even the regent king. It was then that the council unanimously chose to break the heart into fragments and keep it in the most distant places of the Asterium lands, protected by spells, traps and the shields of power. It is said that the power of Asterium's heart is so great that it is capable of destroying an entire city in just a few minutes of its magic or even reviving the dead if applied for evil. However, if applied for good, it is even capable of bringing harmony back to all peoples.


The White Dawn Airship. Captain Irvin's former airship was created by the alchemist Mr. Kiwel, from the port city of Primaki Sul. The airship was christened by its captain with the name of White Dawn in honor of his last wife Aurora, who had skin as white as snow. Air transport has gone through many adventures and traveled through many countries in the world of Asterium. However, the majestic transport was attacked and burned in the Tamarus archipelago, where it was last seen.


The Katrina Airship from Above. The fastest airlift ever created in Asterium was created by the famous Southern Primaki alchemist Mr. Minur Kiwel. The airship is a little larger in size than the Aurora Branca, with four large rods that held the gigantic air balloon, next to the boat, the rear turbine was the same size, but instead of an exhaust outlet, there were three. Unlike boats, the airship did not have many cabins and only had two floors, the deck and a lower floor called the basement, where it was possible to store supplies and fuel. On the first day that the great airship was seen in the city of Forhcore it was noticed that there was a rear cabin on the same level as the deck. To the right of this small cabin was a ladder with four steps that gave access to the captain's helm, where a Galileo-style telescope was attached to an iron tripod. The great differential of this airship was its new fuel, which caused an explosion in the air.


The Chariots of Primaki Sul. The carriages of the port city of Primaki Sul were not like conventional coaches. Despite having charioteers and large horses at the front of the vehicle, Primaki Sul's carriage had been one of the experiments of the great alchemist and inventor Mr. Minur Kiwel. The carriage wheels were made with an alloy material, rubber coated for better friction with the ground. There were also suspensions in sight, which considerably reduced the impact and improved the comfort for sitting inside the vehicle. However, the big difference of the carriage was its formidable combustion engines. A distinctive machine with gears and a propulsion turbine on the side. Inside the carriage, the seats are padded and comfortable. In the upper part of the cabin you can see two lamps that emit a focal light and in the corner between the seats a small wooden music box with bronze details next to the box a golden crank, where you can turn to hear the sweet sound of the Lunarian music.


The Conical Hat of Thabillus. The Thabillus Goblin Hat is a magical object well known among goblins who follow the study of magic. The conical hat has become common among goblins as with the use of the hat the goblins become much taller, which is good for their ego. Conical hats are often sources of spells. Apprentice goblins have a bit of trouble pulling spells out of their hats, unlike Thabillus, a highly experienced goblin.


Walkiria's Necklace. The mystical and intricate necklace of the northern witch is one of the most precious objects, as it was made to carry one of the fragments of the heart of Asterium. According to an ancient northern legend, Walkiria became known and feared in the north when she defeated an ancient emperor who inhabited the pyramid of hills where the dreaded witch now dwells.


Anikan's Clock. The old circular clock kept in the temple of the legendary kromus Filay K. Volterin, is also a unique piece. It's the size of a dining table, one of those modest ones for 5 or 6 people. The clock that sits under a rustic wooden plinth. It is made of a metallic material, and has six golden hands. At its base you can see a series of shiny marbles, like marbles, but silver. That move forming small columns, from bottom to top.

As soon as the columns reach a certain point they dismantle and start working again. The watch was created by Filay himself, while still being trained by the extinct kromus of the order of Anikan. This object was created for a single purpose; completely master the art of kromus magic, transmutation, elemental conjuration and enchantment of objects. This artifact, is one of the magical objects most coveted by Ms. Katryna Mithral, as one day she discovered the true power of the watch. The time domain. A spell impossible to be done by any wizard, sorcerer or even any other student of the mystical arts. Some say this watch is just a myth. But Miss. Katryna Mithral knows full well it exists, and one day she intends to steal it, and then she will be young and beautiful forever.


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