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UX Design  and UI design do you know the difference?  UX, or User Experience design, is the study of all the features of a product, platform or service that interfere with the user experience. Discover below a UX design study for a digital platform carried out by João Gabriel Brene, in a complete presentation of the entire process. From initial analysis to certification and validation of an application. Using UX 5 STEPS.



Capa Ux Design
5 steps de jgbrene uxdesign
target e personas
pesquisa de ux design
arquitetura de informacao
testes de usabilidade
grafico de ux design
interfaces de ux design
ui design interface
designer de interfaces
user experience design
certificação ux design

In the Ux chart, on the side, it is possible to analyze how comprehensive the user experience design is. 
Not just the development of a digital platform, but an analysis of the entire user experience. From content development and information architecture to information validation.
Interaction design studies are structured in order to weave the relationships between the user and the platform. Thus, it is essential to focus on the user so that we can find adequate solutions so that the information is not only transmitted, but also the entire process is completed as planned.

Lastly  It is important to note that every UX design process needs to be actually tested by the end user. Whether the UX design of a physical product or a digital platform. It is at the beginning of each production that the most time should be spent. It's a well- established plan  that will give  life to a product/service of excellence. 

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