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Productions, media, digital marketing and multi-channel communication. In a world where everything is accessible and all media are co-related, we need professionals suitable for the multimedia world, so how to develop a marketing and media strategy for multimedia?


The first step is good planning, knowing exactly what the content will be transmitted. Once you have this plan in place, you must know exactly which media and vehicles your campaign will be available for. A good means of analysis is google trends, SEO, browserseo and even sites that analyze whether your site is suitable to receive a large demand from users.


Then moving on to the selection of which channels will be used, such as facebook, youtube, intagran, blogs, and other opinion generating sites. In addition to inserting HTML codes or other languages that can increase visibility and search engines. Remember that a good media plan can not only save you a high amount of marketing investment but also leverage your sales force and brand top of mind.

The execution of the project must start with a good visual communication of the brand, with all the guidelines and guidelines defined. So start the production of content, images, videos and interactions as the user. It is worth mentioning that online media all brands do, however making a differentiated means of interaction with the user can be a great addition!


Once the media and contents are produced, they must be allocated in the right places. As soon as the actions are applied and are online, it's time to look at the performance and analyze the results of the campaign!

 Checklist, initial for some basic actions in digital marketing, and online dissemination.

  • Keep the website online.

  • Put the "Tags" related to your business.

  • Start the SEO process, to improve your visibility.

  • Remember that there are other search engines besides google, such as bing and yahoo.

  • Make good content. Add links and keywords that can increase your relevance.

  • Carefully choose the words you intend to put in addwords.

  • Start your social media campaign.

  • Everything you put on social media should have a certain standard.

  • Keep the pace, and always have a link directing in posts to your website.

  • Social media is not just facebook. Use youtube, twitter, instagram, linkedin and everything you can!

  • Abuse of "hashtags", but more important than followers and likes are interactions.

  • Work your content clearly and objectively. Use small paragraphs!

  • Promote your product or brand on blogs and work with opinion makers.

  • Remember that a good press office is also essential! 

  • Always look for more and more information!


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