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"The decline in the publishing market continues and should continue in 2020, so authors and publishers must use creativity to make a difference when promoting their books",

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Free and sensational stuff for your business!

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Three hundred sensational things every business analyst should check out. A great starting point for startups and entrepreneurs. Definitely a content to keep under lock and key. Excellent news for market and web trends. 

Art, "Wheat Field" 2019 painting, oil on canvas.

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In mid 2019  JGBRENE concludes the work, oil painting, named "Wheat Field" the figure of a  field of  wheat, with a smoother gradient in the field and more intense tones in the sky at sunrise.  


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Using the Harvard cases, we can study large companies in depth. Seeking to understand how they managed to solve their corporate problems and evaluate new business strategies.


Find out more about the portfolio  of creation of JGB.

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Find out more about João Gabriel Brene's work as a digital production specialist.  

How the creative process works for the  digital multichannel professional .

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A big confusion that exists in the market is the confusion between UX  design and UI design.  User Experience design is the study of all the features of a product, platform or service that interfere with the user experience.

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What digital marketing strategies can we approach to reach relevant levels in the digital world? In a new omni-channel era, digital productions, design, business, marketing and media interact like never before.


Knowledge is useless if there is no expansion of imagination. It is creative thinking that envisions the details of a work, knowledge is a necessary tool to produce it. As long as there is imagination there is a way, as long as there is persistence there is hope, combine the two and achieve your dreams!

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